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Great Success – Nationwide/Overseas Level

Right now SEnukeX is getting our clients who have ~300 websites total, on page 1 for multiple spots and keywords.  … Read More – creativecustoms
One Article – $15,000… Thanks Very Much!
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I would not dare to say that every article from every blast goes on to make $15,000! However it does happen. Over 30% of all my traffic is 100% direct from SEnuke blasts  … Read More – Pobman
cpa Success- $5000(Passive) over $50,000 total

I used Senuke on two campaigns, one made me around $3000 passive and still makes money now, and the other made me $1800.00 and helped get all of my articles to a PR3 in less than 3 weeks.  … Read More – oadvantage
One year later and $110,000+ a year

Within the first 5 months we nailed down our technique and how to sell it. Within 8 months we broke the $100,000 a year mark!
… Read More – adept
Wow, very impressed so far! #1 SERP

This software has already paid for itself for an entire year and then some from this one client alone, can’t wait to get more business and start making even more   … Read More – bluesfan
Thank You SENukeX, I’m Living the Dream
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We do maybe like 2-3 days of real work a month while the rest of the time doing what we love which is making music. All this in under 6 months.   … Read More – oadvantage
Hit #1 in 2 Weeks with SENuke X!

I hit it with the Full Monty. 2 weeks later, the company is at #1 for their keyword and I got myself a nice bonus for doing it so quickly.  … Read More – NewCatCondos
SENUKE X Best Money Making Program Period.

Well I ran my second nuke today (left it on auto pilot while I was out bringing my mom to the doctors) I come home and what spot is he? #2 page 1. This program is amazing and the best part is? Its 100% auto pilot what could be better?   … Read More – sbias
SENuke in the real world…

I’m now earning 8K+ a month (GBP) just doing this for customers and the web design is on top of this – things are pretty good! .  … Read More – sgtbadass
Kicking ASS with SENuke
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I am doing over 20k uniques per month and before my monthly bonus the 50 test sites for this particular idea I had earned $426. I had a $42 day yesterday.  … Read More – kaptainKrayola
SeNukeX + Amazon = Better Than sex?

Backlinking was killing me, slowing things up and making it hit or miss. SENukeX has solved that problem. Pop, pop…page 1. On to next site. … Read More – billurell
£40,000 turn over SEO business with SENuke!

I was turning over £40,000 with a 70% profit margin within only 3 months of operating a business using SENuke as the primary source of backlinks!!!  … Read More – benjy22

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